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Why Name-Brand Makeup and Skincare Items Are Always Worth the Investment

When it comes to the makeup and skincare brands that you use, it's never good to shop by price alone. While women, and men as well, may want to save money on all the face creams and moisturizers, shampoos and other items they use every day, there are some very good reasons to consider why name-brand items are worth the few extra dollars they might cost. Note a few of those reasons here so you can determine the best choice for your every day skincare and makeup routine.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients refers to the ingredients in any product that make it work for its intended purpose. Many name-brand skincare products will have more active ingredients; moisturizers will have more emollients and oils that actually moisturize the skin, shampoos will have more cleansers that thoroughly clean your hair, and hair conditioners will also have more natural oils that actually soften hair and make it stronger. Off-brand items are often cheaper because they won't have as many of these active ingredients, so they're less effective than name-brand products.

Pigments and colours

Makeup products of all types will have pigments and colours in their ingredients, and you need to invest in quality products with lots of pigment for more coverage and truer colour. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick and even mascara and eyeliner without enough pigment will not cover your skin or provide a true colour once applied, or they may seem dull and not the same shade on your face as they are on the package. Name-brand makeup products usually have more pigment in their mixture, so your foundation covers better, your lipstick lasts longer and is more noticeable and eye shadows provide a deep colour when applied.

Quality ingredients

As well as having more active ingredients and more pigments for coverage, name-brand makeup and skincare products usually have quality ingredients that aren't damaging to the skin. As an example, cheaper, mass market brands may have preservatives added so they can stay longer on the shelves of your favourite store, but these preservatives may irritate your skin or even cause breakouts.

These brands may also use cheaper, lower-quality ingredients that are added to keep makeup items from separating, so that your foundation, lipstick and mascara begin to flake and peel away not long after you apply those products. Name-brand products may be more expensive because those brands invest in quality ingredients that aren't as irritating to the skin, and which ensure the makeup stays true and looks good all day.